Giurge, L. M., van Dijke, M., Zheng, X., & De Cremer, D., (in press). Does power corrupt the mind? The influence of power on moral reasoning and self-interested behavior.

The Leadership Quarterly

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Journal of Marketing Management

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Selected Media Coverage: RSM Discovery video, Dutch National Radio, NRC, Forbes

Kuipers, B., & Giurge, L. M. (2016). Does alignment matter? The performance implications of HR roles connected to organizational strategy.

The International Journal of Human Resource Management

Working Papers

*denotes shared co-authorship

Giurge*, L. M., West, C., & Whillans, A.V. The consequences of time poverty for individuals, organizations, and nations.

Target journal: Nature Human Behaviour

Giurge*, L. M. & Woolley*, K. Can’t catch a break? When working during time off undermines intrinsic motivation.

Target journal: Psychological Science

Aeon*, B., & Giurge*, L. M.. Chronemics: Bringing subjective time research to management.

Target journal: Journal of Management

Lucas, B., Berry, Z., Giurge, L.M., & Chugh, D. The longer shortlist effect: Brainstorming persistence increases candidate diversity.

Under review at Nature Human Behaviour

Work in Progress (selected)

Give me a break! Beliefs about breaks and creative performance (with Lucas, B.)

Planning prompts help employees take and enjoy paid time off (with Whillans, A.V., Collins H., & Hauser, O.)

Underestimating the pressure of responding to after-work emails (with Bohns, V.)

Interpersonal consequences of busyness (with Park, L., Italiano, A.., Yoon, J., & Whillans, A.V.)

Meta-analysis happier time (with Whillans, A.V. & Cadario, R.)

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