[Exhibition] Traveling around the world

In 2016, I was lucky enough to have my exhibition at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This selection of photos represents a glimpse of my travels in 2015 and 2016.

I was fortunate to see Laura’s photographs on exhibit last month. The lens through which Laura views familiar (and not so familiar) sights transported me to another world - another world that actually existed right in front of my eyes. While some of Laura’s photographs were of exotic locales and far-off places, my favorites were of the everyday sights - the ones that I often neglected to take notice of and fully appreciate. Laura’s photographs made me stop and think - “Wow - I know that scene but I never looked at it from that angle before.” Perhaps that is the mark of a great photographer - someone who can view the same scene as you do but is able to capture it in a totally unique and distinctive way. Laura is able to do this.
— Jennifer Jordan
Laura is a playful and creative photographer. What I like more about her is spontaneity and capacity to give another view to the mundane sights. Geometric shapes, the stairs, lights and shadows are her toys. I am grateful to her for making me fall in love with Rotterdam
— Alexandra Pacurariu