Time: A medium for capturing within-individual change

In this line of work, I focus on the experience of time as a within-individual phenomenon to capture and explain changes in behaviors and experiences over time and within the same individual. With this work I use time as a medium for change rather than as a primary construct.

Behavior is inherently discrete and episodic, thus temporally dynamic: the same employee can be helpful and polite at work one day, but make a racist comment the following day. Within-individual research provides a deeper and perhaps a more realistic representation of reality because it allows capturing and explaining fluctuations in behavior as well as in states, experiences, and situations from moment to moment rather than just from individual to individual. For instance, in one project I study how daily changes in self-regulation resources relate to daily changes in counterproductive work behavior. In a different project, I address how structural power, as a fundamental and stable aspect of the organizational structure, helps organizational leaders grasp the temporal aspect of their daily decision-making.